Hometown Tourist: Cask Days 2012

On Saturday night, J and I attended the 8th annual Cask Days festival at the Brick Works. Founded by the folks at barVolo in 2005, Cask Days focuses on unfiltered, unpasteurized craft beers that are anything but ordinary. This year's festival was Canadian themed with 100+ specialty craft beers to choose from, with ingredients ranging from crab-apples, cherries, coffee, and even Brussels sprouts. The festival also included food from Toronto celebrity chef Guy Rawlings, Parkdale's Grand Electric and chocolate offerings to satisfy any sweet tooth from Chocosol, amongst others. The event space was lined with works of art created by Canadian artists, and the Brewers Backyard featured Collaboration Casks and October themed (and flavoured) brews. The $40 ticket included a Cask Days pint glass and 4 tokens to get guests started. Each beer cost 1 token for a 1/4 pint or 2 tokens for a 1/2 pint, and additional tokens could be purchased for $2.50 each. 

With so many beers to taste, J and I had our work cut out for us. Here's a list of some of the beers we sampled:

  • Amsterdam Full City Tempest
  • Beau's All Natural Screaming Beaver
  • Bellwoods Hellwoods
  • Neustadt Springs Tutti Fruitti
  • Niagara Oast House Brewers Crop Duster
  • Spirit Tree Cider Crabapple Cider
  • Central City Brewing Red Racer IPA
  • Kensington Brewing Co. Fisheye-PA
  • Dead Frog Brewing Fearless IPA
  • R & B Brewing Cucumber & Mint
  • Nicklebrook "Pie Eyed Pumpkin Ale"
(I also saved 2 tokens for a cup of the Aztec Blood Hot Chocolate from Chocosol. Ah-mazing!)

Painting by Kellen Hatanaka

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