Food and Drink: Lobster & Corn Chowder

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The ladies of On Crawford St. are big fans of Boston. Boston is charming, with red brick buildings and cobblestone streets. It’s a city that has a surprising amount of green, with Boston Common and the Public Garden at its centre. It smells like the ocean. And most importantly, every restaurant menu -- no matter what time of day -- is loaded with fresh seafood. Confession: When I was in Boston with J, I ate nothing but seafood for 5 days. At literally every meal.

This recipe is inspired by a love of Boston.


Places We Love: Grand Electric

After a year of planning, A, P, J, and I finally made it to Grand Electric. Now, you may be asking yourself “it took you a year to get to get to a restaurant?” to which I will emphatically respond, YES, A YEAR! Grand Electric is no ordinary restaurant, as it is arguably the hottest eatery in Toronto. Parkdale’s Grand Electric focuses on Mexican food, craft beer, Bourbon and loud music. They also don’t take reservations, which generally results in lines that twist around the block. Despite being told that it would be 2 hours for a table of four, we decided to put our names on the list and spend the time waiting across the street at the Rhino.


DIY: Winter Wreath

This year my mother left me in charge of decorating the house for Christmas, naturally, the first place I went looking for inspiration was Pinterest. Instead of doing the traditional red and green colour story I wanted to go with something that I could leave up in the new year. My mom and I pretend to be avid knitters, so I thought I would build a wreath around a pastime we like to do together.


Food and Drink: Red Pepper Jelly Stuffed Chicken

A few weeks ago H and I headed to the One of a Kind Christmas Show. Taking in this show has become an H & V tradition over the last few years, and this year was no exception. We have a number of favourites that we like to check out every year, like Jenna Rose Textiles and Matter Company Natural Skincare. We found some new favourites like Dave Murray Illustration, who is well known in Toronto for his neighbourhood word maps and acorn street signs. We both did some shopping - including picking up a few Christmas gifts – and literally had to tear ourselves away from any booth that sold pottery. Apart from the amazing hand made products at the show, I love the “Flavours” section, where 2 entire aisles are filled with some of the tastiest gourmet food products ever. This year, I picked up some Red Pepper Jelly from Wicked Gourmet. It’s a recent addiction that I've been trying to incorporate into a recipe for some time now. I thought that the potent pepper taste would work well with chicken, and decided to use it as part of a stuffing for chicken breast.

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