DIY: Winter Wreath

This year my mother left me in charge of decorating the house for Christmas, naturally, the first place I went looking for inspiration was Pinterest. Instead of doing the traditional red and green colour story I wanted to go with something that I could leave up in the new year. My mom and I pretend to be avid knitters, so I thought I would build a wreath around a pastime we like to do together.

My wreath is a combination of two ideas that I found on Pinterest, and I hoped that a little trial and error would end up with a great looking wreath.


Grapevine Wreath
3 Balls of Yarn (the chunkier the better so you don't need to use as much to cover the styrofoam)
Felt (cut into circle with 12 cm diameter)
Styrofoam Balls in various sizes (or I used decorative balls)




After you make all the pieces, all you have to do is arrange them on the wreath and hot glue into place.

Happy Holiday DIY-ing!

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