Places We Love: North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

One of the things I love most about Italy is pizza al taglio, or pizza sold by the slice. It doesn’t matter what part of Italy you’re in because these by the slice shops exist everywhere. They dish out pizza slices that are always piping hot, and topped with fresh ingredients like mozzarella, prosciutto or artichokes.  In Toronto we have lots of by the slice options, but they’re usually greasy, old and cold. While these options will sometimes suffice – like at 3 A.M. when nothing else is open – I’m personally not a fan. Thankfully, North of Brooklyn is here to fill the gap between gourmet, dine-in options and cheap, by the slice pizza.

Located just a few steps north of Queen on Palmerston, this pizza joint isn’t one to be missed. And it’s literally impossible to miss, thanks to a huge sign. The space itself is quite small, in fact it only seats about 15, but it’s the perfect size for people looking for a quick bite. The décor is decidedly simple, with wooden accents and black and white photos of Brooklyn’s famous pizza places.
Just like the décor, the pizza here is simple. North of Brooklyn offers five types of thin-crust pizzas -- Margherita, Pepperoni, White, Seasonal Veg and Puttanesca -- ranging in price from $3.90 to $4.40 per slice. They also serve whole pizzas priced from $18 to $22 dollars. For me, a tasty Margherita is the mark of a great pizza place. At North of Brooklyn the Margherita is excellent. The crust is flavourful and crispy, the tomato sauce is rich and slightly sweet, the mozzarella is perfectly melted, and every bite is infused with the taste of basil. On an earlier visit J and I also sampled The White. This crispy pizza was dotted with ricotta and the crust was sprinkled with toasted breadcrumbs. It was topped with peppery arugula, dressed with lemon and olive oil, adding freshness to the pizza.
North of Brooklyn also makes deliveries. Check out their map here.

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