Places We Love: Mama Loves You Vintage

Mama Loves You Vintage is the new kid on the block. Sort of. Although the store has only been open for 3 months, Melo and Marho Anfield, the mother-daughter duo behind Mama Loves You, have serious fashion know-how under their belts. Melo’s been a vintage clothing buyer for the past 30 years, buying for herself, other stores and clients, while Mahro recently graduated from Ryerson’s Fashion Communications program. Mama Loves You showcases their love of vintage clothing, with styles ranging from the 1900's to the 1990's.

The space itself is inviting – bright and airy, with neatly organized racks that don’t overwhelm – just like Mahro, who is personable and friendly while welcoming patrons to her shop. The well curated items that line the shelves showcase the shared aesthetic between mother and daughter; trendier items reminiscent of the 90’s grunge movement are mixed in with classic pieces from the 30’s and 40’s, and higher end designer items like a silk Chanel blouse, an emerald green Lanvin tunic, a Diane Von Furstenburg dress and a colour-blocked Byblos skirt. Merchandise purchased by Melo in Vancouver goes onto the floor daily, meaning there’s always something new. Plus, the prices really can’t be beat -$20-$75 for most items and $200-$500 for rarer finds.
Adding to what makes Mama Loves You unique are the wide array of vintage inspired accessories - like sunglasses, jewellery and scarves - and a men’s section. When I visited Mama Loves You, Mahro commented that although men’s vintage appeals to a specific niche, she has received good feedback from her male and female customers alike. Men are pleased with the wide variety of items she carries, while the ladies enjoy looking through the racks for the likes of a perfectly broken-in boyfriend jean.
During our chat, I asked Mahro if she had any advice for a vintage newbie. “You have to be open to items that aren’t perfect. Imperfections happen in vintage clothing, but little adjustments can usually repair them. And remember to try everything on because vintage fits differently.”
Mama Loves You is definitely Queen Street’s hidden gem, the perfect place to find an enticing vintage piece to spruce up an outfit without breaking the bank.

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