Food and Drink: The Samuel J. Moore

A few weeks ago J and I headed to The Samuel J. Moore to celebrate my birthday. Occupying the ground floor of The Great Hall, at the corner of Queen and Dovercourt, The Samuel J. Moore is named for the 19th century businessman who built it. The Samuel J. Moore was widely talked about before it opened, and for good reason. With ex Brockton General chef Alexandra Feswick running the kitchen, The Samuel J Moore was virtually guaranteed a menu of locally focused classic items, each with an inventive twist. The exterior is plain, with only the smallest sign. Inside is a different story. The tin ceilings, black and white floor, marble bar and classic bistro tables and chairs give the room a refined feeling. Black and white photos line the walls, paying homage to the building's past - or maybe as a way to help the neighbourhood's hipsters feel at home.


Food and Drink: The Dinner Party with White Bridge Food Co.

On a rainy Wednesday night, H and I wandered down a graffitied alley off Dundas West to N/A Collective, an artist’s studio space and the home of White Bridge Food Co.’s monthly dinner party series. Founded by Declan Edwards and Jeremy Thompson, White Bridge Food Co.’s monthly dinner party series, The Dinner Party, was conceived as a way for Declan and Jeremy, who both work in the culinary industry, to serve their own food to guests. They do everything from setting the menu to sourcing the products they use. The aim of The Dinner Party is simply to provide their guests with a complete dining experience – great food and great conversation. After spending the entire day preparing the courses, the duo take on two very different roles – Jeremy acts as a host, welcoming guests to the cocktail hour that precedes dinner and offering them a feature cocktail and snack, this time Bourbonade and spiced boiled peanuts, while Declan stays in the kitchen adding finishing touches to each plate, coming out with each new course to explain its preparation.


Toronto Artisans: Carte Blanche Creations

I remember the first time I came across coasters by Carte Blanche Creations. I was at the Drake Hotel's Spring Market with J, perusing through crafts, baked goods and antiques. I was instantly drawn to Alessandra Cardarelli's creative spin on such a simple and sometimes mundane item. I was also drawn to her personality and boundless energy. Alessandra exudes passion. She genuinely likes to speak to customers, explain the stories behind the images she uses, and understand why people gravitate to the ones they do. That's why I was so excited when Alessandra invited the ladies of On Crawford St. to her studio at N/A Collective to talk about Carte Blanche Creations.

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