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So I've realized in the last little while that my favourite part about blogging is getting to do a lot of the photography for On Crawford St. posts. I've had a DSLR camera at my disposal for years but it wasn't until we started the blog that I even bothered to pick it up. Originally I figured I could get by with using the auto settings, but when I realized I wasn't getting the type of photos that I really wanted I decided to learn how to shoot in manual. I will tell you that at first I was afraid to shoot manual - I thought it would be too complicated and I had no idea what my shots would look like. I've only been shooting in manual for a few months now, but already I can't imagine shooting on auto settings ever again. I recently purchased a new lens - a 50mm Canon one - so that I would have more flexibility with depth of field. This weekend I decided to take it for a spin at the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market and this is what I ended up with.

Side Note: I can't take all the photo credits for this post, I had a special assistant this weekend who was kind enough to hold on to my camera while I was enjoying a ridiculously good yogurt parfait from the farmers market. He snapped a couple of shots that I thought deserved a spot in the post - especially considering he'd never shot in manual before.

Now I know that learning to shoot in manual is scary - I sure thought so! After a few failed attempts on my own I decided it would be worth it to purchase a few online video tutorials. I did some research and came across Shoot Fly Shoot. The video tutorials on this site are absolutely amazing. The creators of the site, Josh Moates and Kevin Palmer, made a series of super straightforward and simple tutorials that turn shooting in manual from daunting to fun. One of the best things about these tutorials is that once you pay for them you can log in and view them whenever you want in case you ever need a refresher. So, if you're in the market for some online photography lessons Shoot Fly Shoot is well worth the money in my opinion!

 - H

*Just a heads up, this is NOT a sponsored post - I'm just a huge fan of Shoot Fly Shoot! All opinions and views are my own.

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