Food and Drink: Caramel and Sriracha Popcorn

When I reach for a snack I tend to gravitate to foods that combines salty, sweet, spicy and crunchy. Enter Caramel and Sriracha Popcorn, a perfectly balanced snack where each flavour is an equal player. Be warned, this snack is addictive! It's also the perfect accompaniment to a cocktail... may I suggest an Elderflower Spritz?


What We Read: Treasures & Travels

We're heading to Vancouver in August! It'll be my first real vacation in I don't know how long and I'm super excited to go back to the city where I spent my formative years. So, it was just my luck when I stumbled upon a Vancouver based blog that had me yearning for August 5th even more than usual. Enter Treasures & Travels - a blog by three lovely Vancouverites writing about the things they love around their city. They write about DIY, fashion, recipes, beauty and places; just about anything you could ask for.

I'm a new reader, but I've already come across more than a few favourite posts so far. When planning a trip the first thing I always think about is food, and where to eat breakfast is high on my list of priorities. They've also started a section called A Month of, which is currently featuring weddings (which we all know I eat, sleep, and breathe these days) and last month's theme was breakfast! Who could resist that?! So show a little blog love and check them out today!


DIY: Kitchen Refresh Inspiration

In a couple of weeks I get to move into my first apartment with A! Since A has already lived in the apartment for two years I don't need to bring much with me, but as an avid DIY-er and interior design nut I do have an intense need to nest. I've already decided that the kitchen will be my first project. While no one would consider me a cook, A is, so we spend a surprising amount of time in our tiny kitchen. We get a lot of natural light, but the current paint is a dingy yellowed white. The plan is to paint both the cabinets and walls, but what I'm most excited about is getting new cabinet hardware. I desperately want to purchase knobs from Anthropologie, but I have acknowledged that they are way out of my price range. With that in mind, I went in search of the DIY inspiration - and included some of my favourites! The kitchen refresh won't get started until the end of July, but check back then to see the before and afters!
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