About Us

On Crawford St. started as an indulgent idea in the summer of 2012 between two friends with a passion for all things Toronto. 

Any given day of the week, you can find us meandering through Toronto's neighbourhoods, vintage shopping, or hunting for the perfect brunch spot. This blog is about anything we find interesting, from cooking (V is a fantastic chef) to DIY and everything in between.

It's our distraction from our lives as a busy communications specialist and visual merchandiser.
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V: https://twitter.com/v_barbieri87

The Fine Print:
The ideas presented on this blog are our own. We want to write about our experiences and opinions. We know that you won't always agree with us, but we want this to be a positive space. We love comments but will not post offensive or rude comments. Photos are our own too, unless otherwise specified. Enjoy!

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